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PopMishima on Wednesday, May 16 2012, 04:03 AM

How to add a banner between the breadscrumbs and the content in the Home page such that it only appear there, but not in any of the article full text page


Thank you for creating such as beautiful theme.

I'd like to add a banner to the Home page just below the breanscrumbs but above the content. And I want it to appears on and only on the Featured Article page, not any of the pages following the links if I were to click on an Article or a Category link.

I've managed to get a workaround by putting a Banner module just below the breadcrumbs (not a good idea), but whenever I want to view the article detail of that featured article the banner follows my to a new page (which I do not want)

On the other hand, if I were to create a new Menu Item of type Single Article which points to that featured article, stick it in the Main Menu NAV and click the link from the Featured Article page, it works the way I want.

Can you please help me?

P.s. I have attached 3 images:
the first image is the Home page featuring a banner, and two featured articles,
the second image is when I clicked on one of the featured article to view the full text,
the final image is when I create a new Menu Item, stick it in the Main Menu NAV, and click on the link from the featured article page.

Please have a look at my website if that helps.
The discussion has been resolved.
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